CPP – Finishing the Basics

As we know that C++ language is a superset of C and mostly all the features of C are inherited by C++. And I’ve also posted all tutorials on C before it will be redundant if I’ll post these tutorials again. Topics like loops, conditional statements, operators, decision making, functions, arrays, strings, modifiers, specifiers, etc. In C++ there is a slight change in Inputting and outputting, as I’ve previously introduced you to the namespaces. Namespaces take care of everything that you want to input or output.

int a;
cin >> a; //no need to tell compiler about the type of “a”
cout << a; // same as in cout also (printing)
string b; //string is an object of class string you have to #include<string>;
cin >> b; //take input to the string b
cout << b; //outputs the string b

So there are lot of other new and advanced features contained in C++ STL(Standard Template Library) which we are going to talk in later lessons. So here I am providing the link:


C Tutorials

Make sure you understand basics topics and concepts of functions, arrays, loops, operators, switch statements, etc. If you came across any problems then feel free to comment below, I try to resolve your issue. 🙂

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